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A gallery of model  building

An insight into some of the build and renovation activities that have taken place at the Wilmslow & Lindow Light Railway workshops.  Many are  scratch built items along with commissions and loco builds for fellow 16mm modellers.

Riverdale coal fired Lady Anne

The coalfired boiler for the new build was ordered at the beginning of January 2020 and was delivered in December 2020, just in time to avoid any problems with importing and extra  taxes caused by UK sadly leaving the UK.  The rest of the engine is made up of the kit parts for the Roundhouse Lady Anne, including body, running gear, cylinders and chassis.

Leek & Manifold Station Shelter

Scaling up the plans from Robert Gratton’s superb book on the L&MVLR this station shelter is made from Plastikard in various thicknesses.  A nice, easy model to scratch build and really looks the part.

Scratch built Leek & Manifold coaches

Made from Plastikard these coaches were scaled up from the drawings in Robert Gratton wonderful book on the L&MVLR.  They include full interior details and lighting.  The hardest part was constructing the balconies as the wrought iron detailing was too complicated for me to replicate so I replaced this with an aluminium mesh. 

Scratch built Hulme End Station

Made from Plastikard andscaled up from the drawings and photographs of the real Hulme End station (now a tourist information office).  The buildimg includes full interior details and lighting.  The model also won the Lineside Trophy award at the 2018 16mm Garden Railway Show in Peterborough.

Station Renovation

This station was purchased from a popular online auction site and restored in full, externally and internally complete with lighting. The station was sold shortly after renovation.

Conversion of a cheap G scale wagon to that of a Leek & Manifold flat base wagon.

This was an easy and cheap conversion that involved simply cutting away some of the unnecessary detail and scratch building the two end panels from Plastik card.  The bogies and wheels were replaced with SM32 versions.

Scratch built model of Ashover Butts Station on the Ashover Light Railway

Made again from Plastikard, this model was sold shortly after completion.

The railway under construction back in 2008

A selection of images from the first year of the railways’s construction, a time when the children were young and keen to be involved in the building process.  Interestingly the eldest is currently in his 2nd year of a civil engineering degree, one hope’s these early life experiences have led him to choose such a career.

Newquida Coach conversion

These cheap coaches are easy to upgrade and require only the replacement metal 16mm gauge wheels.

Cardboard Coach

This is the second coach to be made entirely of artist’s mount board, which when varnished and painted makes for a very robust model.