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The Wilmslow & Lindow Light Railway

Steam and Miniature Extravaganza day coming soon!


The Wilmslow & Lindow Light Railway is a 16mm, live steam garden railway.  Loosely based on the Leek & Manifold Light Railway of Staffordshire this miniature world is home to several live steam locomotives, coaches, wagons, traction engines and motor vehicles – even an award winning station!

The railway is open to the public once a year during the summer and all money raised goes to the charity of its choice.

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New for 2021. Steam and Miniature Extravaganza Day. 


The W&LLR originally started its life in 1996 in Staffordshire under the name of the  ‘Moddershall Valley Light Railway’.  The railway closed in early 2000 and was then put into storage. 

The railway re-opened in Cheshire in 2008 under the name of the Wilmslow & Lindow Light Railway using the original  engines, Lancelot and King Arthur, its rolling stock and track.  Over the years the railway has been extended, new buildings and rolling stock scratch built and the addition of several new locomotives.

Engines of the Line


A 1991 Roundhouse Lady Anne Kit rebuilt in 2015. Named after my Grandfather John Lancelot Lowndes who served in the marines during WW2

King Arthur

A 1990s Roundhouse Lady Anne Kit. Rebuilt Spring in 2018. Named after my Grandfather Arthur Pickin who was a British Gunner during WW2 and was killed at the battle of Solerno

Reginald Thomas Brunt

An Accucraft Lawley engine modified with additional hand rails, Jacks and oilers. Named after my Uncle who served with the British Forces during WW2

7010 Squadron

Roundhouse Mildred Kit named after my very own reserve Royal Air Force Squadron

Talfryn Thomas

Built from a PDF Model’s kit with radio control, this battery operated WW1 diesel is named after my wife’s uncle, Talfryn Thomas, an actor who played Private Cheeseman, the war correspondent, in Dad’s Army

E R Calthrop

Presented to me by my wife Bethan on the day of our wedding

Brython C

A heavily modified Mamod . Additions include new cylinders, replacement boiler with high pressure safety valve, lubricator, water top up valve and ceramic gas burner.

Engine No.8

Delivery 2021




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